Bug's funny camping trip in a barbie van
Bug and mom are well prepared to go camping on a weekend. They discovered so many fun things.
Bug Puppysits for A Day
Bug spends a whole day with her dogs, watch all the incredible things she did with them.
Bug Tries Turkish Ice cream and goes Shopping
Before going to the mall, Celestine has to clean up and fix her hair. Check out her new hairstyle tutorial. At the mall she goes shopping for dress and tries Turkish ...
Swimming in a tank of Jello! Bug gets an iPhone
Since Bug have been asking for an iPhone we decided to give her one but she has to get it in a tank full of jello.
Bug New Princess Frozen Bedroom !
We have transformed Bug's new doll house into a frozen bedroom with slide !
Dunk Tank with Giant slime balls
Many of you are asking Bug to do another dunk tank game so we did it again but this time with giant water beads. It's such a fun simple game for the whole ...
Family of Pet Routine with Bug
A funny routine of Bug with her pets at home.
Bug babysitting and caring
Bug helps babysit her little sister Lala while mommy is running errands.
Bug's UNICORN Barbie Airplane Boxfort / Airport Pretend Play
Hi Guys, thanks sooooo much for giving me the wonderful idea of making a boxfort airplane ! It was so fun, I hope you enjoy watching my new video as much as ...
Bug's Funny Weekend Routine | Waking Me Up ( Part 1 )
Every weekend I always seem to have a hard time waking up, in this video, you'll see the only effective way of waking me up... if you guys want more vlog routine ...
Dunk Tank Game with Bug's Family
Family fun game where you spin the wheel to see what you will get dunked in.
Bug Incredible School Bus Converted into Barbie Style Tiny House!
Bug's school bus project took us more than 3 weeks to build, we designed it to look like a little barbie dream house! hope you guys will like this and stay tuned for ...
Elephant Toothpaste Fun and Easy Science Experiment with Bug
Bug's family made the Elephant Toothpaste Science Experimentsn!!! Fun science experiments for kids to do at home using household items!
Bug is going to the princess ball
Today I'm preparing to go to a ball. After breakfast, I exercise and dress up in my favourite long pink gown. Enjoy watching guys !
Halloween Haunted House of Bug's Family
Mommy and Bug decorate the pink tiny house school bus into a Haunted house and lived there. They played hide and seek and more.
Mcdonalds Take Out Challenge | Drive Thru Boxfort
Hi Guys! Today Ethan and I decided to play the Mcdonald's Take Out Challenge. There will be 3 customers ordering from our Mcdonald's Boxfort, whoever ...
Bug on Friends get me the Best Present
I got my dream gift on my special day.
Bug's Funny School Routine | My A+ Life
Hi guys, here's one of my most requested Routine video ! Sometimes I guess I'm just too excited to go to school haha ! :) Love, Bug. -
Bug Time to Clean Room
Soooo since my nanny is on vacation for 3 days, I have to clean my room all by myself ????
In this video we made the biggest cardboard box submarine to explore the sea.
Bug's Pregnant Dog Birth Story
Sequin is finally ready to give birth but its taking way too long, she needs help...
Bug Transform her Room into A Beach
Bug got many new decorations for her room to transform it into a beach play house with sand and beach toys.
Dad Gave Bug a Big House for all birds
Bug have so many birds so her dad made her the biggest pink bird house to decorate.
Christmas Room Makeover Challenge with Bug
Bug has to completely transform her room into a Christmasy place for only a budget of $50. Can she do it with such a little budget ?
I put Dad's stuff in Jello! and Bug's Puppy Update
Bug wants to prank papa by placing all his favorite things in jello. We have also decided 3 cute names for our new puppies. Check it out guys :)
Bug's Barbie Room / House Tour !!! PINK Box Fort !
Hey guys this week mom and I decided to make a Barbie mansion, the whole house turned out lookin so pink and glam ! Check it out ! It took us a whole week to ...
Bug and Dad Made School Bus into Barbie Style house
Some of you want to learn how we converted my school bus into a barbie style dream house, hope you guys will enjoy this video.
Amazing Room for Bug's Pregnant Dog !!!
Bug prepares a nice room for her favorite dog to give birth in.
Barbie Boxfort School | Bug's First Day + School Supplies
It's Back to school already guys! and I am enrolled in a Barbie School! How Exciting !!! Thanks so much guys for suggesting Barbie School! Don't forget to write ...
Bug Pretend Play and Trick or treating for Halloween
Bug's favorite day is here, she got up really early to go trick or treating outdoor !
Bug on Everything is Better with Bubbles !!!
Bug helps mommy become pretty. Pretend play at Bubble beauty Salon.
Bug 8th Birthday Party Special !
Hi guys, today is my birthday and mommy and daddy made me a surprise party ! Stay tuned to see how she spent it with friends next :) Thanks for visiting here ...
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Bug's Funny After School Routine
Hi guys ! :) I'm so excited to go home right after school especially when its Friday because more time to play and I can sleep a little late. Here's my most ...
Bug Finds a New Profession | Little Big Toys
My Twin broke my doll but in the end we learned to share and fixed it together.
B.U.G. Mafia - Strazile feat. Mario V (Prod. Tata Vlad) (Videoclip)
http://www.bugmafiaoficial.ro http://www.facebook.com/bugmafia https://www.instagram.com/b.u.g.mafia/ http://twitter.com/bugmafia B.U.G. Mafia - Strazile feat.
Bug  and Dad Build a Pink Igloo 😀Vacation !
Hi guys, today we'll show you how my dad and I make a pink igloo ! :)
Bug's Unicorn Salon ! Boxfort Barbie Beauty Spa | Elsa and Rapunzel Makeover
Hi guys ! the boxfort which many of you have been suggesting is finally ready! My SALON BEAUTY SPA ! Thank you guys for such a fun idea! and thanks for ...
Biggest Splash Tank Board Game with Bug's Family
A funny board game that consist of many kinds of fun challenges .
Bug is going to a Costume Contest !!!
Bug competes with other kids in a Costume competition.

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