Hamster backflip syndrome

Crazy Back Flipping Hamster
Crazy Back Flipping Hamster keeps backflipping for no reason while the other hamsters just watch. check it for yourself!
Hamster With Stargazing Disorder :'(
This is my roborovski dwarf hamster which has a disorder called "stargazing". It is a disorder in which his brain makes him run in circles and it is hard for him to ...
Hamsters do backflips
One hamster likes to do back-flips, but his chunky friend can't seem to get the hang of it.
Das Backflipping Syndrom bei Hamstern || Tipps + Informationen
Hallo meine lieben Nagerfreunde, in diesem Video geht es um das Backflipping Syndrom bei Hamstern. Wie ihr vielleicht wisst, leidet Jolly daran.
Hamster flips 15 times in his wheel!!!!
Wow, Omar is a clutz!!! I walked into my room and he was running on his wheel. He flipped over. He continues to run and do many flips. I couldn't take it anymore ...
Backflip the Hamster
crazy dwarf hamster does crazy backflips.
Roborovski dwarf hamster backflip
roborovski dwarf hamster doing backflip.
Guinness World Record | Hamster Does Over 50 Flips In One Minute
There are Guinness World Records for all kinds of flips: pancake flips, wheelchair back flips, forward jump flips, and twisting "Berani" flips, to name a few. Now ...
Hamster Backflip
Hes doing this almost all the time when hes awake.
Funny Hamster Compilation
Check out these funny hamster videos. Hope you enjoy watching these cute hamsters doing funny things and failing. Feel free to leave a comment! Share this ...
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Magical Hamster Syndrome Simulator
Le meilleur jeu de tous les temps.
Hamster Does Backflips
Watch More Video : https://www.facebook.com/FChannelTV Funny+fail+cool+Wtf... Entertainments Video with : http://fchannel.tv Watch More Funny Video Every ...
Hamster does BACKFLIP (not click bait)
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Cricket // hamster with neurological issues
www.burrowedheartsrescue.com Cricket is one of the hamsters from the mass-rescue. He's very inbred so has neurological issues and spins around sometimes.
Hamster Has Epic Fail on Running Wheel
To use this video in a commercial player or broadcast, contact [email protected] Credit: Elder Sanchez via Storyful Original video: ...
Hamster back flip FAIL!
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Russian Hamster doing a back flip
Filmed in 'Pampered Pets' on Holloway road.
ninja hamster backflip
" this is my hamster grey he is so agile, this is my first video to fulfill my promise to someone hhe, enjoy this agile hammie "
Downsyndrome hamster
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Hamster with Down Syndrome?!
Hamster I am taking care of who is sick.
Backflipping hamster?! What??!!
Caught this little guy having the time of his life. Made my day.
Hamster backflip
Hayoyo hayoyo siapa yg punya hewan peliharaan seprti ini hahahaha....
Cow Back Flip
Stupid Cow.
LOOK at this freakin' hamster
Dwarf hamster with classic backflip syndrome, a genetic disease caused by ill breeding. This petstore bred her, so that pile of pups will likely have it as well.
Backflipping hamster
Made with vlix - video effects, text and personal video feeds. Vlix is the fun and easy way to shoot, share and communicate with video. Effect used: "Reverse".
How to Bring An Animal Back To Life (99% Works)
Today you will learn how to resurrect any animal. This is a very helpful life hack and has not been released yet. Paramedics don't even know about this method ...
Hamster wheel syndrome
Ruta cea de toate zilele, ia-ne-o noua astazi :)
Backflips by my hamster
Her name is Wata-Yuki (it means powder snow in Japanese) I don't recognize how she gets this ability. Sorry for not clean cage... She loves to dig wood chips...
downsyndrome boi and his gerble hamster
Hamster Anxiety
poor little guy tries to break free.
Backflipping syndrom
Čistokrevný džungarský křečík s poruchou nervové soustavy - tzv. backflipping syndrom (přemety)
Backflipping Hamster
it backflips.
Roborovski Spinning Disorder?
I'm not sure if this qualifies as the spinning disorder some roborovoski hamsters can develop due to neurological problems and I could use some pointers.

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