Why Do We All Love Rhymes?

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Across all cultures, countries, and throughout history, humans are mesmerized by rhymes. Is there a reason why our brains are drawn to it? Trace explains how rhyming evolved over time, and how it varies from culture to culture.

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IDEAS & TRENDS; Rhyme's Reason: Linking Thinking To Train the Brain
"Henry James described a baby's world as a "blooming, buzzing confusion." But parents know better."

Comparison of rhyming and word generation with FMRI
"Functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) has been successfully used to non-invasively map language function, but has several disadvantages."

A neurocognitive perspective on rhyme awareness: The N450 rhyme effect
"Rhyme processing is reflected in the electrophysiological signals of the brain as a negative
deflection for non-rhyming as compared to rhyming stimuli around 450 ms after stimulus

Need to Remember Something? Make It Rhyme
"Medical students have long used rhymes and songs to help them master vast quantities of information, and we've just gotten fresh evidence of how effective this strategy can be."

Rhyme processing in the brain: An ERP mapping study
"The event-related potential (ERP) N450 component has been described in rhyme detection tasks as a negative response elicited by non-rhyming words in comparison to rhyming ones."

Rhyming tasks male and female brains differently
"Women are more emotional. Men are more rational. Men are better at math, women at English. Men are insensitive. Women are nurturing. Gender stereotypes like these have persisted for centuries, contributing to the popular notion that men and women view the world in fundamentally different ways."

Fetal Reactions to Recurrent Maternal Speech
"The hypothesis that normal prenatal exposure to maternal speech influences the early development of speech perception is consistent with research showing that pregnant women's speech sounds are present in utero, the late-term fetuses possess relevant perceptual abilities, and that postnatal perception of speech sounds can be influenced by prenatal experience."

Feel The Rhythm, Feel The Rhyme: New Insights Into Musical Beat Perception
"Music and rhythm are fundamental and essential components of human civilization."

Men Use Fancy Words to Impress the Ladies
"The two sexes are involved in a perennial effort to impress one another in the mating arena."

"A rhyme is a repetition of similar sounds in two or more words, most often at the end of lines in poems and songs."

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    Popular Comments:

Kyzen Del Aguia . 2019-11-17
Can we just reflect on how cute it would be for a baby to respond with instant happiness hearing cat in the hat because their mother read it everyday when the baby was in the womb
121 2 . Reply
Bernice W. Anthony . 2018-02-01
Thank you all for the socialization of new knowledge.
121 2 . Reply
Beckham . 2016-06-28
Every since I got brain damage everyone's been treating me satanic. I am 100 percent organic tho. Don't ya know bro?!
121 2 . Reply
SuperAtheist . 2015-04-15
Here I sit in a steaming vapor
the ass before used all the paper
the bell is ringing I must not linger
what the hell I'll use my finger
121 2 . Reply
slykoDFO . 2014-10-04
do not stand still, boast yo skills
close but no krills, toast for po' nils, post no bills
coast to coast Joe Schmoe flows ill, go chill
not supposed to overdose No-Doz pills
121 2 . Reply
Dixie Normous . 2014-09-08
Eminem, Hey mister, would ya care to bare witness to
 The ass-whippin' I'm about to administer
 To this ass-kissin' little vaginal blister
121 2 . Reply
koZmo .seVen . 2014-07-26
If you've got a gun up in your waist
Please, don't shoot up the place
Because I see some ladies tonight that should be having my baby

- Christopher Wallace
121 2 . Reply
Brianna Mutsindashyaka . 2014-07-24
Lose yourself in the music, the moment you want it. You better never let it go. You only get one shot to not miss your chance to blow. Cause opportunity comes once in a lifetime. Do it!- Eminem
121 2 . Reply
icecoldbite . 2014-07-01
Using rhyme in poetry makes it sound a lot better, especially when you rhyme every two lines, but when you encounter a situation where you have one really good line but can't think of anything decent to rhyme it with quickly, it is seriously a bitch spending a lot of time for that one line; even more so if you have the lines after it XD
121 2 . Reply
Shaun Welch . 2014-06-06
Eminem and Shakespeare both suck,
While Mr Poe could articulate the depth of emotion with good notion without mentioning fuck.
121 2 . Reply
Ⴚhuck Ɲorris . 2014-05-29
3:18 dat gay move :D
121 2 . Reply
ElementalSkater001 . 2014-05-27
I'm young, black, rich, and famous ; I got ten dollars hanging from my anus.
121 2 . Reply
Taerdin . 2014-05-26
Trace is a poet and I didn't know it
121 2 . Reply
Shocky _624 . 2014-05-25
my fav rhyme is A B C D E F G gummy bears are chasing me 1 is red 1 is blue 1is chewing up my shoe know I'm running for my life cuz the reds got a knife
121 2 . Reply
greenleopard49 . 2014-05-24
One bright morning, in the middle of the night
Two dead boys got up to fight
Back to back they faced each other
And drew out their knives and shot each other
Two deaf policemen heard the noise and came to arrest the two dead boys
If you don't believe my story is true, go ask the blind man he was it too.
121 2 . Reply
blank plank . 2014-05-23
I love rhymes! They're my favourite part of language :) If you're into story-telling in rhyme and rhythm, without doing a Google search, see if you can guess the author behind this tale of tragicomedy:

Yes man, as the world turns, we all experience things in life
Trials and tribulations that we all must go through
When someone wants to test us, when someone tries our patience

[Verse 1]
I hang with a bunch of hippies and wacky tobacco planters
Who swallow lit roaches and light up like jack-o-lanterns:-
Outsidaz baby, and we suin' the courts
Cause we dope as fuck and only get a two in the Source
They never shoulda booted me outta reform school
Deformed fool, taking a shit in a warm pool
'til they threw me out the Ramada Inn
I said it wasn't me, I got a twin (Oh my God, it's you! Not again!)
It all started when my mother took my bike away
Cause I murdered my guinea pig and stuck him in the microwave
After that, it was straight to the forty ouncers
Slappin' teachers and jackin' off in front of my counselors
Class clown freshman, dressed like Les Nessman
Fuck the next lesson, I'll pass the test guessin'
And all the other kids said "____ is a thizz head
He'll never last, the only class he'll ever pass is phys-ed"
Maybe true, 'til I told this bitch in gym class
That she was too fat to swim laps she need a Slim Fast
(Who? Me?) Yeah, bitch you so big
You walked into Vic Tanny's and stepped on Jenny Craig
She picked me up to snap me like a skinny twig
Put me in a headlock, then I thought of my guinea pig
I felt the evilness and started transformin'
It began stormin', I heard a bunch of cheerin' fans swarmin'
Grabbed that bitch by her hair, drug her across the ground
And took her up to the highest diving board and tossed her down
Sorry coach, it's too late to tell me stop
While I drop this bitch face down and watch her belly flop

As the world turns, these are the days of our lives
These are the things that we must go through, day by day

[Verse 2]
We drive around in million dollar sports cars
While little kids hide this tape from their parents like bad report cards
Outsidaz, and we suing the courts
Cause we dope as fuck and only get a two in the Source
Hypochondriac, hanging out at the laundromat
Where all the raunchy fat white trashy blondes be at
Dressed like a sailor, standin' by a pail of garbage
It's almost dark and I'm still tryna nail a trailor park bitch
I met a slut and said "What up? It's nice to meet ya
I'd like to treat you to a Faygo and a slice of pizza
But I'm broke as fuck and I don't get paid 'til the first of next month
But if you would care to join me, I was about to roll this next blunt
But I ain't got no weed, no Phillies, or no papers
Plus I'm a rapist and a repeated prison escapist
So give me all your money and don't try nothing funny
Cause you know your stinking ass is too fat to try to outrun me"
I went to grab my gun, that's when her ass put it on me
With an uppercut and hit me with a basket of laundry
I fell through the glass doors, started causing a scene
Slid across the floor and flew right into a washing machine
Jumped up with a broken back
Thank God I was smokin' crack all day and doped up on coke and smack
All I wanted to do was rape the bitch and snatch her purse
Now I wanna kill her but yo, I gotta catch her first
Ran through Rally's parkin' lot and took a shortcut
Saw the house she ran up in and shot her fuckin' porch up
Kicked the door down to murder this divorced slut
Looked around the room that's when I seen her bedroom door shut
I know you're in there bitch, I got my gun cocked
You might as well come out now, she said "Come in, it's unlocked"
I walked in and all I smelled was Liz Claiborne
And seen her spread across the bed naked watchin' gay porn
She said "Come here big boy, let's get acquainted"
I turned around to run, twisted my ankle and sprained it
She came at me at full speed, nothing could stop her
I shot her five times and every bullet bounced off her
I started to beg "No, please let go"
But she swallowed my fuckin' leg whole like an egg roll
With one leg left, now I'm hoppin' around crippled
I grabbed my pocket knife and sliced off her right nipple
Just tryna buy me some time then I remembered this magic trick
Duh-dah-duh-dah-duh-duh, go-go gadget dick!
Whipped that shit out, and ain't no doubt about it
It hit the ground and caused an earthquake and power outage
I shouted, now bitch, let's see who gets the best
Stuffed that shit in crooked and fucked that fat slut to death

And as we go along, throughout the days of our lives
We all face small obstacles and challenges everyday
That we must go through, these are the things
That surround us through our atmosphere, every day
Every single day the world keeps turning"
121 2 . Reply
NatureShy . 2014-05-23
Rock, you are a rock.
Gray, you are gray.
Like a rock, which you are.

Rock's, these are my rock's.
Sediment's, make me sedimental.
Smooth and round, I sleep on the ground.
121 2 . Reply
Rudolph Mantooth . 2014-05-23
"...songs about happiness, murmured in dreams, when simply both of us knew how the ending would be."
121 2 . Reply
Crazy Gamer . 2014-05-22
I am sorry D news but I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request. 
121 2 . Reply
Verloren . 2014-05-22
One of my favorite presenters on DNews, definitely. Like his humor, passion and craziness. Makes learning easier in my opinion :)
121 2 . Reply
Little Wing . 2014-05-22
You didn't talk more about men only using one side of their brains to process rhyme?
121 2 . Reply
colleen harrison . 2014-05-22
"if you come softly" by audre lorde, which is also a book by jaqueline woodson, and "the road not taken" a common seen robert frost poem, are both simple but some how deep examples of good poetry.
121 2 . Reply
Technically a Nomad . 2014-05-22
One, two, three, four, I declare a Time War
Five, six, seven, eight, Daleks scream "Exterminate"
Nine, ten, eleven, twelve, The Doctor died and silence fell
Twelve, eleven, ten, nine, here he goes, back in time
Eight, seven, six five, saving everybody's lives
Four, three, two, one, grab her hand and whisper "Run!"
121 2 . Reply
Tomas Crook . 2014-05-21
Is this why there are hardly any good female rappers?
121 2 . Reply
Anbu Hyuga . 2014-05-21
Kendrick lamar!
121 2 . Reply
Héctor Mayoral-Modestti . 2014-05-21
There once was a man from Nantucket, with a dick so long he could suck it. On his face was a grin as he wiped off his chin: "If my ear was a cunt, I would fuck it!"
121 2 . Reply
Mathias T.W.P . 2014-05-21
Here is the comment section dulett, where no-one ever forget.
Forget the pity, from the town and the city.

Some turn it of to stop the hate, but they where to late.
To late to save it, from the bottom pit.

Scars are here some complain, that is the problem main.
The problem big, for it you don`t have to dig.

But I don`t judge the people here, for they with me there opinions share.
To share it opens the doorway, for me here in Norway.

It makes me them understand, from every isle and land.
So understanding can be, hi and goodbye from me.
121 2 . Reply
PJ Kelly . 2014-05-21
So basically hip hop is one of the best tools we have for teaching.
121 2 . Reply
seaslugcecil . 2014-05-21
A lymeric I made 

"There once was a boy with red eyes,
He was sure to bring your demise.
Bring a knife to bed
Or you'll surely be dead
He watches your slumber with innocents guise"
121 2 . Reply
Ben Agar . 2014-05-20
From a song I started to write a while back about a girl I loved. It didn't wind up well and anyone guess the reference?

Do you love him?
Really? Actually?
Or have you mistaken love for the basest sentimentality?
121 2 . Reply
Henrik Skaaning . 2014-05-20
Roses are red
Violets are blue
The refugees met frontex
Now they'r dead too. 
121 2 . Reply
Wizard Sleazy . 2014-05-20
I got that AK on my nightstand
right next to my bible
I swear on these fifty shots
I'll shoot it out with 5-0
~lil Wayne
121 2 . Reply
GAGANBable . 2014-05-20
fuck poetry. 
121 2 . Reply
Jason Kane . 2014-05-20
So rappers are just show offs?
What a surprise..
121 2 . Reply
msjulicious . 2014-05-20
this is such a fun video!
121 2 . Reply
Sergey Rozhenko . 2014-05-20
So that's why I as a man see nothing beautiful in rhymes. Ok, making them is often fun, but listening?
121 2 . Reply
George Savv . 2014-05-20
Roses red,
Violets are blue,
A word rhymes with purple,
So don't say violets are blue..
121 2 . Reply
Luther Reid . 2014-05-20
Rhyming rhyming its what we humans do, it's quite interesting to take a... Poo? LOL
121 2 . Reply
Mike Driscoll . 2014-05-20
Cats got my young
121 2 . Reply
Crispy Bacon . 2014-05-20
I thought french was the language of love...
121 2 . Reply
spicy boy . 2014-05-20
Jack was nimble, Jack was quick, but Jack couldn't jump over the candlestick and burned his dick.
121 2 . Reply
Steph Devorah . 2014-05-20
Best rhymes from Marshall Mathers <3
121 2 . Reply
Calliope the Fangirl Extreme . 2014-05-20
Are you 2eriiou2ly 2teppiing me, You iignorant priick? Your rhyme2 are 2taler than kankrii'2 whole ju2tiice blog 2chtiick, You don't come off a2 iintelliigent 2o thii2 ought two be quiick, ju2t 2ut your chiitiinou2 wiindhole before we all get 2iick. My 2hiit ii2 two hot two handle, iit'2 a biifurcated 2candal Ii'm liike a beenary vandal two whom you can't hold a candle Ii'll giive ypou ju2t a  2mall 2ample that you can try two un2cramble and when you try two dismantle iit you'll be lyriically mangled. you're really awful at thii2, Ii thiink iit's cute that you triied, you're about a2 wa2hed up a2 eriidan po2t fef at low tiide, you ought two count your2elf fortunate that Ii even repliied, well call diirk over , 'cau2e Ii'm breaking your 2triide!
121 2 . Reply
Neko Kitty . 2014-05-20
Charging up the hill during the night
Glancing up a grenade flying like a kite
Big loud bang last thing u hear
Glancing around like a car and a deer

Flying through the air without my mind set
Not getting up because I do not bet
Glancing to the right a man with a stare
Noticing a wound like paper and a tear

Remembering he used to be my bud
Rocketing up for a shell to be a dud
Running on instinct without a mind
Feeling tied up stuck in a bind

Aimed at a man wondering if I'm done
All u hear a click of a gun
121 2 . Reply
StaticTube Matic . 2014-05-20
D news ignites the fuse for the clues in my brain and drain the bane which lie deep inside the left side so I ride on the side away from the all the ignorance and hate that people say along with the intolerance of nerds but I still stay with the herd that discover clues to stay away from the blues, D news
121 2 . Reply
chillymers . 2014-05-20
roses are red
 violets are blue
i dont care about this
so why should you
121 2 . Reply
Jamie Winter . 2014-05-20
Roses are red
Violets are blue 
I give up
Mondays suck
121 2 . Reply
Hamzeh Malkawi . 2014-05-20
Roses are red, my name is Dave. This poem makes no sense, microwave.
121 2 . Reply
Adam Rose . 2014-05-20
Jack and Jill went up the hill to smoke some marijuana, Jack got high and pulled down his fly and said, "Do you wanna?" Jill said yes and pulled up her dress and then they had some fun, but silly old Jill forgot the pill and now they have a son!
121 2 . Reply
Sofifi 1234 . 2014-05-20
Roses are red
Violets are red
I am red
Oh wait I'm just dead...

And possibly on fire!
121 2 . Reply