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In this video I show off by far the coolest set of Armor you can craft in the game right now. It's the Ocean set for the Hylotl which is tier 7 racial armor. It looks truly amazing and it's even been featured on incredible artwork. Of course you'll need a Robotic Crafting Table and you'll need to be able to get your hands on Cerulium Ore. A total of 67 Cerulium bars will be needed for the full set. And you want this set if you want a extremely good looking deep sea diver's set with just the best helmet ever.

GullofDoom covers a wide variety of content over alot of formats. My channel is mostly know for providing bite-sized guides for both Starbound and Terraria and still is to this day! You'll also find videos that range from Walkthroughs/Let'splays/First Impressions/Early Thoughts and alot more videos on my channel!

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    Popular Comments:

KeyKeeper101 . 2016-11-03
the color is like a Sky blue or something or a blanket blue if you ask me
121 2 . Reply
Komqua . 2014-11-09
Take off helmet and put on and watch the enegry bar
121 2 . Reply
Wartime_Gaming . 2014-04-14
reminds me of HALO, the helmet
121 2 . Reply
MOGoblins . 2014-01-24
It always pisses me off when I look  at my human and then look at this armor. 
121 2 . Reply
Llama . 2014-01-09
the energy symbol means that for each bar it is worth 120 energy, so if you have a gun that uses 120 energy for each shot it equals 1 bar. So NO it is not +bars
121 2 . Reply
John Mcneil . 2014-01-08
im know the energy icon doesn't mean regeneration. Im not sure, but i think it means it multiplies the energy the rest of your armor gives. say if you have 2 armor for 1 slot, and 20 for the icon, it should give you 40 more energy onto the default amount.
121 2 . Reply
Chad Bamasbackontop . 2014-01-08
the energy symbol means that for each bar it is worth 120 energy, so if you have a gun that uses 120 energy for each shot it equals 1 bar. So NO it is not +bars.
121 2 . Reply
Nix . 2014-01-03
it would be rally awesome if races would be on specific planets like in jungle it would be more obvious and easier to find florians or on grasslands forest planets like humans glitch that kind of stuff now im going to one planet and the other and cant find any other npcs just mobs or apex facilites without anything  soo yeah
121 2 . Reply
Assasin guguguhi . 2013-12-30
this mod ?
121 2 . Reply
LogicSauce . 2013-12-29
Are the other races able to to create the ocean armour, do you have to find a schematic to build it or is it only for the fish people?
121 2 . Reply
PaRkJuN . 2013-12-28
SUN icon means heat the cloths/amour gives
121 2 . Reply
Errol Drommond . 2013-12-25
cerulien= light blue( sky color blue in latin)
121 2 . Reply
Prime Trident . 2013-12-24
You look like minecraft universe XD!!
121 2 . Reply
Jackal Lab . 2013-12-21
pacfic rim
121 2 . Reply
DeathD1 . 2013-12-19
I can't find any cerulium any were
121 2 . Reply
Antonio Frankovic . 2013-12-18
Coud i play with you?
121 2 . Reply
Nick. C . 2013-12-18
Tier 10 human armore ftw
121 2 . Reply
steamgamer dk . 2013-12-18
why cant i make it
121 2 . Reply
RazeFlare . 2013-12-17
If you look at the item document "aquatier7.head" in notead++ it states this: 
     "statusEffects" : [
      "kind" : "ColdProtection",
      "amount" : "19.5"
      "kind" : "Protection",
      "level" : 33,
      "amount" : 72

      "kind" : "energyincrease",
      "amount" : 220
The plain lightning bolt Icon found on leggings is "energyregenmodifier" which I assume is multiplied by the base value of 10 energy per second to calculate energy regen. I agree the icons need to be swapped however.
121 2 . Reply
Blake Visentin . 2013-12-17
Could you show off some cool guns
121 2 . Reply
Box Man . 2013-12-17
I'm a avian but I love this armour!
121 2 . Reply
SillyShockman . 2013-12-17
121 2 . Reply
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