Knitting beginner cable tips and tutorial

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Here are some tips for knitting cables. I'll show you the mistakes you can make and how to avoid them and how to understand a cable pattern. The pattern I am using can be found for free at Joann Fabrics: http://www.joann.com/chunky-cable-cowl/3042816P110.html

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    Popular Comments:

Zevi M . 2019-05-16
thats not continental knitting
but good tips
121 2 . Reply
karen mitchell . 2019-01-06
you do great but talk to fast for me.
121 2 . Reply
Liz V. . 2018-02-15
I really enjoyed these tips and also about learning new things. You have great , positive energy☺👍🌟🌞
121 2 . Reply
redredwine1277 . 2017-12-19
Awesome , thanks for sharing 🎄
121 2 . Reply
June Brown . 2016-06-28
Dear Lindsay, if you want to learn about how to do cables you need to go to New Stitch A Day. They have some very good videos on knitting various stitches including cable. You will learn a lot from them as they are professional knitters.
121 2 . Reply
Jennifer Sanchez . 2015-11-06
Great and easy pattern for beginners! Took me three tries till I finally figured out I kept skipping row 4 😬 got it down now
121 2 . Reply
Michelle Minnich . 2015-04-20
Tyvm for this video, you make it look so easy!! Been knitting for two days and I am going to have a go at this!! I also taught myself in the continental style, so this video was very helpful! Thank you again!
121 2 . Reply
louj101 . 2015-03-26
Im new to cable knit and have been working on a poncho, the pattern is c6b c6f using chunky yarn but I keep getting big gaps on the reverse side of my work......it do look ok but I was wondering is this right or have I done something wrong please can you help x
121 2 . Reply
Shell shelle . 2014-12-30
Awesome video!! thanks for posting!!
121 2 . Reply
theHookdude west . 2014-03-16
as a beginning knitter, I was leery about working cables until I found a cabled coffee cozy pattern ... and I liked the way it turned out... this tutorial is awesome with you pointing out the do's and don't's ... I'll check out this pattern as well... very much appreciated ... cheers !!
121 2 . Reply
Amaranthine . 2013-12-10
I'm actually interested in trying cable now, it feels a lot less scary. Tfs :) And I totally agree about trying to learn something new as often as possible, I love learning new crafts, I am always trying something new, and youtube is such a great resource for that. ^_^
121 2 . Reply
Lueee Lueee . 2013-12-08
I have just finished an owl afghan knit in squares using the same basic cable idea just spaced differently.  You can find it by searching for owl cable potholder or blanket square pattern on the internet.  I  have never seen continental knitting although I have heard of it.  Glad you mentionned what it was in your video as I have watched videos before, and never knew what it was.  You did a good job!
121 2 . Reply
Barb Pollitt . 2013-12-07
Just finished a stocking hat for one daughter and was starting a scarf to match, guess what I will be adding to the scarf, could it be a cable?????  TFS
121 2 . Reply