Tekkit Tutorial Part 2 : Water Mills

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This is my second tutorial about Tekkit. Today we talk about Water Mills !

Tekkit Wiki on Water Mills : http://thetekkit.wikia.com/wiki/Water_Mill

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Music by Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/

●Minecraft v 1.2.5
●Tekkit v 3
●Texture Pack : Sphax BDCraft 64*64

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TJ . 2012-10-21
Yea, I was able to work that out a bit after I asked. I was able to make my own version of the set up you had after mucking about in both the Redpower Wiki and the Tekkit Wiki. In my survival world, I will have to remake this. I also tried expanding the water mill so that there was water on all sides of the mills as well as buckets getting pumped in by the pipes and it didn't really work all that well.
121 2 . Reply
DrThalnos . 2012-10-17
You need to use pneumatic pipes or redstone pipes if you need to send a signal
121 2 . Reply
TJ . 2012-10-16
That is a good way to combine redpower and Industrial Craft for power. I will have to use that for my self as a way to supplement my auto coal hopper. What pipes does red power use?
121 2 . Reply
peter mason . 2012-09-26
121 2 . Reply
peter mason . 2012-09-26
121 2 . Reply