Growing Sorrel Leaves/Gongura/Pitwa/Pulichakeerai in Containers/Pots

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In this video,growing Sorrel leaves is explained.Sorrel leaf pickle (Gongura pachadi) is loved by all.Moslty these are used to make its own pickle,and used as taste enhancer /added as a flavour in many dals and curries!
The seeds can be ordered online if they are not available in local nurseries.The complete process from seed sowing till harvesting tip is shared in this video.

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lavanya n . 2019-10-25
Gongura mokkalu padipothunnai madam
121 2 . Reply
my fairy terrace garden . 2019-10-02
Nice video thanks for sharing 😊😊😊😊
121 2 . Reply
kowsalya Murali . 2019-08-26
Hi mam can we grow in indoor
121 2 . Reply
Osman Bajabar Shaik . 2019-05-29
Hi, This plants needs direct sunlight or we can keep it beside the window inside the house? Please answer my question.
Thanks from Canada
121 2 . Reply
Pranav Kumar . 2018-06-06
Ambaadi ki baji
121 2 . Reply
Pranav Kumar . 2018-06-06
In hindi called as ambadi
121 2 . Reply
Pranav Kumar . 2018-06-06
Gongura in english called as sorrel leaves
121 2 . Reply
Vaishnavi Alagarsamy . 2018-02-24
Where we can get this seeds in usa
121 2 . Reply
sarat sts . 2018-02-06
Gr8 hardwork. Video n audio quality super. How many seeds u had used for one pot??? Planning to grow this summer
121 2 . Reply
surabhiahuja2003 . 2017-10-08
Hello I am a complete dummy. I need some help in regards to the soil. how to prepare it and how much water to put. can you provide more info
121 2 . Reply