Virtual Audio Mixing via Voicemeeter (Voicemeeter Banana Tutorial)

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Want to find out how I record all things audio? Here is my tutorial on Voicemeeter Banana a virtual mixer that has helped with my content creation and streaming purposes.

Voicemeeter Banana - http://vb-audio.pagesperso-orange.fr/Voicemeeter/banana.htm

Virtual Audio Cable - http://vb-audio.pagesperso-orange.fr/Cable/index.htm

EDIT: 11/13/2016 Made a new tutorial video on the standard/slimmed version of Voicemeeter (Where you only see the word Voicemeeter in the titlebar of the program). Check that out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0x-0mSvnsM

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    Popular Comments:

DiamondRyce . 2016-11-13
Made a new tutorial video on the standard/slimmed version of Voicemeeter (Where you only see the word Voicemeeter in the titlebar of the program). Check that out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0x-0mSvnsM
121 2 . Reply
UpdateDotExe . 2020-02-10
What a bad explanation.
121 2 . Reply
James Style . 2019-12-01
can you set keybinds to switcj between mics for all of them
121 2 . Reply
VigorousHydro . 2019-11-10
Thanks for showing how to use the program. I'm going to go install it, AND SUCH!!!
121 2 . Reply
VigorousHydro . 2019-11-10
It took you a year to learn how to use a audio mixer? I mean it's just like a standard mixer.
121 2 . Reply
Tyler . 2019-09-01
Confusing program and such but you did a good job explaining everything. Good work! and such.
121 2 . Reply
Kona DragoNOS . 2019-08-28
Destiny OST :)
121 2 . Reply
Marcus Diaz . 2019-08-04
i cant even figure out how to download the actual virtual board
121 2 . Reply
BANANA . 2019-07-13
Thank you sooo much! Your video was very helpful!!! :D
121 2 . Reply
InSpireal . 2019-07-10
When i download voicemeeter banana it says that voicemeeter is already installed and then Remove. When i press remove and restart my pc it still says Remove. Any help please?
121 2 . Reply
Polanec . 2019-05-09
..its not working
121 2 . Reply
Omeed Z . 2019-05-04
Now when I get fouled I say “AND 1 (and such)”
121 2 . Reply
joat09 . 2019-04-12
Is it possible to send audio from audition to voicemeeter while live streaming?
121 2 . Reply
Dann Cozey . 2019-04-03
great video with loads of info and such..
121 2 . Reply
Demian Manzur . 2019-01-26
This is very such.
121 2 . Reply
Boomshakalocka02 . 2019-01-21
I seem to be having trouble. I'm trying to figure out a way for people to listen to me differently in discord using the program but I can't seem to figure it out. If you can give me instructions to it that would be quite nice.
121 2 . Reply
anoname . 2019-01-18
"you cant hear the difference but youll notice the difference" no my friend you cant hear the difference.
121 2 . Reply
Majcry . 2018-11-23
Good vid and such
121 2 . Reply
Teacher Johnny . 2018-11-09
I looked at the comments before watching the video wondering why everyone kept writing 'and such'. Now I understand.
121 2 . Reply
Koji Takino . 2018-09-22
thank you, you actually helped me alot :D
121 2 . Reply
Anefodiasmenos . 2018-08-25
so if i want to stream and use some music threw youtube is imposible to not having anything alse to hear such as twitch lets say.. threw my Speakers (because i have my Headphones for stream) also not using mic
121 2 . Reply
Joshua Day . 2018-08-11
this program works for like 5 mins, then makes you sound like a robot mid stream - very annoying
121 2 . Reply
Amei Pesek . 2018-07-05
thank you😊😊😊
121 2 . Reply
T T . 2018-06-26
Doubt i will get a reply but i followed this tutorial, among others too, verbatim and i cannot get the audio to split between tracks. Either all audio will go to desktop audio 1 or desktop audio 2, depends on which one i select via my sound option on the bottom right hand corner of my PC. Any ideas?
121 2 . Reply
Zharth . 2018-06-26
Discord will only pick up my mic if the input is set to my default input. I have gotten the playback to work just fine, but getting sound to go through shadowplay/discord WITH the intellipan effects just doesn't work period.

I have followed this and other video tutorials very thoroughly, and each of you are equally terrible at explaining things, not to mention that you all give different configurations on how to get each app to correlate the signal. My inputs and outputs are exactly how you and others have set them, with the windows playback defaulted to voicemeeter input, while the recording default has been tried with every setting with all bit rates matched, yet none of my apps will pick up my mic when matching them to each respective recording default. Of course if I set the default device to the actual mic in the app then it will pick up sound, but without the intellipan effects/noise gate.

I'm also having trouble understanding how B1 and B2 are playing a part in any of this program, considering that the only selectable outputs are A's.

Another point to add, is that I can't change the volume of individual programs on windows anymore, so that's basically an uninstall for me.
121 2 . Reply
Bara . 2018-06-22
Hi Diamond. Great vid mate. :) I havea couple of questions. I can see my mic working in Banana and my desktop audio too. I'm trying to stream and also record game footage in OBS. However, even though my audio is picked up by Banana and OBS, when I watch a clip of a gameplay video - there is no sound (mic or desktop audio). Any ideas why this is happening?
121 2 . Reply
Tal Kliger . 2018-06-21
"You can't hear the difference but you'll notice the difference."
...the fuck?
121 2 . Reply
Tim Zero . 2018-06-07
You say "And such" soooo f""::in much
121 2 . Reply
Mike O . 2018-05-23
Nice vid but most of it was over my head. I only record game videos and don't stream. Where I need help on is recording using OBS and get the game volume through my headphones to be able to be adjusted separately from the game volume itself. Right now if I adjust the game volume in OBS to a good level, the volume coming through my headphones is way too loud and if I lower the volume I hear through the headphones to an acceptable volume, then the game volume comes out too low in the recording. They are tied together and I can't figure out how to have them separate from each other.
121 2 . Reply
SoftiiChild . 2018-05-09
well..how to download vioce meeter banana
121 2 . Reply
paulo sergio . 2018-05-02
121 2 . Reply
pops2k . 2018-04-22
totally confusing.
121 2 . Reply
Alexander Meyer . 2018-02-06
You cant hear the difference between the two of them, but youll notice the difference.. 04:05 Very well then.. ?
121 2 . Reply
Apekatten Bassboost . 2018-02-01
My friend Hear them self when i have on my mic in Discord..
121 2 . Reply
BlackDavincii . 2018-01-30
Good stuff bro first video that actually helped me!
121 2 . Reply
Radio TFI . 2018-01-05
Nice video.

And such.
121 2 . Reply
Lucian . 2017-12-10
Can you use this in games? Like so other people can hear you with this while in like csgo or something?
121 2 . Reply
Chris McGuire . 2017-11-27
no midi devices im confused
121 2 . Reply
Chris McGuire . 2017-11-27
no midi devices
121 2 . Reply
Chris McGuire . 2017-11-27
no audio devices show up when i first try to install
121 2 . Reply
Vic Demise . 2017-11-27
Thanks! best tutorial so far, and such. (some are just useless) I think I have a bit of a grip now!
121 2 . Reply
RaRe Barney . 2017-11-24
my mic pick up on what my headphones are playing how do i stop that,
121 2 . Reply
06 Black . 2017-10-26
I have a mic that uses a 3.5 mm jack that connects straight to my laptop and I use headphones to listen I'm still confused how do I set it up
121 2 . Reply
Ak . 2017-10-20
Which mic you using? And how did you connect it - XLR to usb?
121 2 . Reply
Christopher Williams . 2017-09-07
Tough question for ya. Do you know how to set this up on console....with a wireless headset? I get all audio except my game audio. 🙁
121 2 . Reply
I Needed An Idol . 2017-09-06
Do I need to keep voicemeeter open while Im recording? Please Answer fast and I subbed btw
121 2 . Reply
QuiteGoneJin . 2017-09-06
Little confused with this program, using it to edit my blue yeti, followed this guys setup and just DLd his preferences even with Banana (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMP-IEfg-yg&list=WL&index=26) the only thing is theres a tad echo cause I have a big empty room, and the hum of my pc makes a little bit of white noise. Any tips would be highly appreciated. Ty kindly. PS I tried the soundgate but that only eliminates the white noise when I'm not talking.
121 2 . Reply
kciN` . 2017-09-01
I can see my friends and my mic moving in Discord, but I can't hear my friends talk. Got a solution for me?
121 2 . Reply
kjemradio . 2017-08-29
Audio quality in order from best to worst.


If your system hardware has the option of ASIO or KS use those first in VoiceMeeter Banana. They will give you the best audio definition for yourself and anyone who you broadcast to.
121 2 . Reply
Sewibu . 2017-08-25
doesnt work on mac ):
121 2 . Reply
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