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Da Nang - 24 April 2007
1. Wide pan of Da Nang city
2. Wide of Da nang bridge
3. Various of traffic on the bridge
4. Exterior of Da Nang University
5. Professor Bui Van Ga lifting up the motorcycle seat, showing LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) tank
6. Mid shot of Professor Ga hooking tank up to valve in side of motorcycle
7.Professor Ga checking car that runs on LPG
8. SOUNDBITE: (Vietnamese) Professor Bui Van Ga, Inventor of the LPG motorcycle:
"There are over 13 million motorbikes being used for transport in Vietnam. Hence, the amount of exhaust fumes emitted into the air is huge. With a hope to reducing the pollution in big cities in Vietnam, I started researching a motorbike which could run on LPG."
9. Exterior of university's laboratory
10. Laboratory sign
11. Tricycle, zoom in to LPG kit installed in the vehicle
12. Close up of LPG meter
13. Wide of traffic
14. Wide of Datechco factory, where the LPG kits are made
15. Close pan of LPG kit
16. Various of worker assembling valve
17. Various of worker welding in factory
18. Worker making tank
19. Various of LPG tank installed in motorcycles
20. SOUNDBITE: (Vietnamese) Tran Dien, Datechco company spokesman :
"If the authority builds more LPG stations, I am sure that people will use LPG as the major fuel for their vehicles as it is better for the environment and lower in fuel costs."
21. Wide of traffic.
22. Exterior of motorcycle shop
23. Interior of motorcycle shop
24. SOUNDBITE: (Vietnamese) Nguyen Thai Hung, Owner of motorcycle shop:
"Motorbike riders will support this idea of using LPG instead of petrol if the manufacturer guarantees it is cheaper and cleaner for the environment."
25. Exterior of motorcycle shop
Hanoi - 23 April 2007
26. Wide exterior of Hanoi University of Sciences
27. Environmentalist at Hanoi University of Sciences Professor Hoang Xuan Co working at computer
28. SOUNDBITE: (Vietnamese) Professor Hoang Xuan Co, Environmentalist, Hanoi University of Sciences:
"As an environmentalist, I find using liquefied petroleum gas in engines is environmentally friendlier. When using LPG instead of petrol, the amount of fuel is reduced, which leads to the reduction of the engine's emitted fumes. The components of the fumes will be different as well."
Da Nang - 25 April 2007
29. Wide of petrol station
30. LPG pump
31. Various of petrol station
32. SOUNDBITE: (Vietnamese) Vox pop, Le Thi Bich Lien, Teacher:
"I think I will change to LPG because it is better for the environment and my expenses for motorbike fuel will be lower."
33. Wide of traffic
Vietnam has produced its first motorcycle that runs on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the hope of reducing the high levels of pollution in the country's main cities.
A motorcycle run on LPG uses half the amount of fuel as one run on petrol over the same distance.
In the Vietnamese city of Da Nang, the motorcycle is one of the major means of transport for short and medium distance travel. It is estimated there are over 13 million motorcycles being used in a country with a population of 84 million.
Rector of Da Nang University, Professor Bui Van Ga, has spent the past six years studying and manufacturing carburettor engines for motorcycles and mini-buses using both LPG and petrol
Professor Bui Van Ga says he hoped to save the environment by creating a motorcycle that runs on LPG.
And they have been found to be very cost effective as a motorcycle run on LPG uses half the amount of fuel as one run on petrol over the same distance.
They are also more environmentally friendly.
The high concentration of CO (carbon oxide) and HCl (hydrogen chloride) produced by LPG is 80 per cent less than that produced by a petrol engine.

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