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In this video i'll teach you the difference between hair levels and tones and exactly what you need to know and ask at the salon in order to get your dream hair.! this theory can also be applied to remove orange and brass toned from your hair. A lot of people asked me to do more color theory videos so here's one! I really hope you like this!

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Subtitles by Odacious: http://www.odacious.net

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ellebangs . 2017-08-19
For those looking for a purple shampoo, the Naissant Purple shampoo I've mentioned 100 times is finally back in stock on Amazon. Link and Discount code in Description Box!.

Also, Info about Monat for those interested is in the description box as well :)
thank you guys
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Alina H . 2020-01-27
I love your videos. To heal my hair do I have to use the whole monay system or can I just use olaplex. The top of my hair is reddish brown and the ends are dark I want to go to a light brown. How would I go about it. I found a hair dye called Schwarzkopf Professional Essensity Permanent Hair Color.

Thank you and have a great day
121 2 . Reply
Kendra Voracek . 2020-01-23
What would you do if you dyed your hair brown and looks muddy and you want to go back to your natural hair dark blonde ?
121 2 . Reply
22_Beautiful_soul22 . 2020-01-18
Old video but my hair lifts super easy I had medium to dark brown and walked out with blonde like near platinum one sitting one bleach session. Minimum breaking of the hair. The person was floored 😂
121 2 . Reply
A H . 2020-01-05
I want your hair colour. What colour of blonde and root smudge please !
121 2 . Reply
jaime m . 2020-01-05
She keeps pointing at the 4th hair swatch from the right and calling it a level 5
121 2 . Reply
Dr.Maryam Abid . 2019-12-29
I went inn with completely healthy hair cut them to a lob and got them bleached to get crimson balayage . My natural hair colour is level 4 with a marron tinge to it . N i ended up stripping my hair off cx of bleach it was okay at start but as the time passed no matter what high end products and masks and sulfate free shampoos i used i ended up with completely damaged ends .... now got back to my original level four tone yesterday and i must say going dark gives that facade of healthy hair the more lighter u go the damage will be more evident .
121 2 . Reply
K & E Rodriguez- GAMES and HIGHLIGHTS . 2019-12-21
I wish i saw this before I went to the salon to get my hair dyed. In my defense, it was my first time dying my hair. I’m an asian male with level 2 hair. I wanted a light ash brown color. The lady dyed my hair telling me it should get that light without bleaching. After washing out the dye, my hair color was dark brown. She said, “ohh, you have that asian hair that doesnt react to the dye well. I should have went the other route.” Which was to bleach it first. Now she is charging me more to re-dye my hair. I’m not about to spend a total of $220 to dye my hair. And its not like i have long hair. Its just the top thats about 6 inches long. I just thought she was knowledgeable. My wife looked them up on yelp and they had great reviews. I should have done my own research. Great video. Thank you!!!
121 2 . Reply
Hh yesenia torres . 2019-12-19
I am a level 6/7 right now but I have about 4 inches new growth .. but I want to go lighter what are the steps I want to go 1 to 2 shades light can I get your help?
121 2 . Reply
Abilene Hall . 2019-12-17
I have a question this is an old video but I hope you’ll reply (ignore my picture that’s like 3 years old and idk how to change it haha) but my hair is an ornagey/golden blonde tone about a level 7? I went to a salon and she removed the red (I was going from red to blonde) and she used a color remover, pirvana extractor, and got me to a yellow/orange color. She wanted to lift me a few more levels but when she put the bleach on my hair went back red!? She fixed it but I’m still at this level 7 golden blonde color and it’s just to golden for my skin tone. How could I lighten it with out the red coming back?
121 2 . Reply
illuminuz . 2019-12-16
SO INFORMATIVE! Thank you so much!
121 2 . Reply
Joan Gentile . 2019-12-14
I had highlights for ten years. Never again. It made my hair very dry and very brittle. I just wanted to try being blonde and to see if blondes had more fun. Lol. Well, they don't. Lol. I figured that out pretty fast. So, I covered my highlights, and now, I'm back to being a brunette again. My husband said my dark hair looks like it did, when we got married 44 years ago. Lol.
121 2 . Reply
Rosemary Costello . 2019-12-13
So to lighten always need to use bleach? Can it be done gradually with color I’m 5ash and problem is when hair is lightened with bleach the toner fades I’m stuck with a yucky yellow color but could I do a color that is 6or7 ash then come back in at some point and do 8 or 9 color with no bleach used
121 2 . Reply
Game play for kids 2020 . 2019-12-11
what is your lip colour plz
121 2 . Reply
Young Chow . 2019-12-10
In 2:55 what hair color name is that?
121 2 . Reply
Luo Susan . 2019-12-10
we are manufacturer in China specializing in hair color chart for 15 years. If you need make hair color chart to better display your colors, please send me by email at [email protected]163.com
121 2 . Reply
Celeste stratton . 2019-12-09
this video was good until the monat shit.....this company went under a lawsuit for making people's hair falling out. Do not buy monat as it is a MLM company(hurts not only woman but other small,better, business).She should know better that to push that shit onto costumer. sham on her !
121 2 . Reply
Dark Angel . 2019-12-08
I have a question. My hair is black/blue tone at roots, and black, and blues. I’m going for medium charcoal, light charcoal with some strands of silver pearl. I bleached some , where I wanted the ashy color. The top, where the bleach didn’t sit as long, is brassy at top, then fades to blonde. Should I bleach the brassy color again, just where it’s more brassy, or tone? I know just to put toner in the highlighted part. I’m just not sure if I should bleach that part or tone?? I have t wella14
121 2 . Reply
mkrocks1998 . 2019-12-06
Wonder if anyone can help me here... I currently have brassy hair.. around a level 7. I don't want ashy, I want a red-brown. But I'm afraid of adding more red to my hair because of the gold tones that are already in my hair ...should I tone it to Ash and then use a red-brown dye ?
121 2 . Reply
brian ballas . 2019-12-03
agree and disagree, as a hairdresser btw. you can lighten very dark hair without olaplex its called matrix v-light and ion powder bleach cuz both have lots of added conditioners. i do agree that after cutting through multiple layers of heavily colored hair after using non bleach color remover 2-3x the client will need to come back for lightening session(s) or if the hair isnt ready. color and tone at the level of color removal. i beleive after major color service people should use intense strengthening shampoo and conditioner and treatment like pm superstrong and alternate with a smoothing shampoo/cond, serum to seal the cuticle. cuz bond building is just a fancy word for strengthening haircare imo.
121 2 . Reply
Nashema1 . 2019-11-29
How do you color.grays that are stubborn
121 2 . Reply
marlet241 . 2019-11-24
121 2 . Reply
Janet Young . 2019-11-21
Fantastic video about blonde leveling and hair health.
121 2 . Reply
Autonomous Alice . 2019-11-21
I wanted golden blonde hair in high school could never figure out why it looked bad on me. But probably having super cool skin tones probably had something to do with it. Lol my mom said go ash from the being and I was like but I want a super yellow blonde and then I got it and I was like what went wrong? And my mom was like 🤦‍♀️
121 2 . Reply
L Spaulding . 2019-11-18
Awesome video!
121 2 . Reply
Cing Lei Daw . 2019-11-15
Is it possible to go from dark brown to blond 7? Or do I need to bleach it frist
121 2 . Reply
Lily G . 2019-11-11
I agree mostly, but there are exceptions... My hair is fine(might help lighten more?)and a level 5 or maybe 5.5 ash... One session of bleach at salon got me very very close to level 10. I didn't want white blonde so she made sure to rinse on time. Coarse/thick hair is probably more challenging ...
121 2 . Reply
drewhannah2011 . 2019-11-11
Elle, what brand of hair color do you use on you hair? Also what level is your blond and base color? Thank you, I love your videos!!!!!
121 2 . Reply
Craig Gerrie . 2019-11-06
Thanks for your consideration!
121 2 . Reply
Blanca Rodriguez . 2019-11-04
Traduccion plis
121 2 . Reply
Qundeel Ch . 2019-11-01
This video helped me alot. Thankyou so much
121 2 . Reply
JnDs Momma . 2019-10-29
My god woman I love you! Thank you for doing what apparently NO ONE ELSE up to this point has been capable of. EXPLAINING THIS SHIT...Lol
121 2 . Reply
chardvnnay . 2019-10-28
Monat is awful. For someone who is professional, I'm really disappointed that you promoted it. I enjoy your educational videos but that really made me question you as a pro.
121 2 . Reply
Yen Le . 2019-10-26
Ur makeup look in this vid is really cute
121 2 . Reply
Mimi Ramone . 2019-10-19
I have a special place in my heart for a blonde specialists❤️. I wish more hairdressers were honest about what could be achieved & their skills!!!. I left every appointment with orange hair, Sometimes magenta. My Irish red undertone face looking even redder. I had to change my makeup colors & cried about it. Finally found somebody who gave me caramel, goldish, eventually Sandy highlights. We went from level 3 to a 7 together. She changed salons, they used a different color line & out came the red, we hit a wall. Then saw someone dedicated to Blonde specifically, he got me to level 10 (lightest highlight is ~10). Even now, if he wasn’t available & I saw someone else, RED every time. You want somebody who knows what they’re doing… & is kinda fearless. My hair’s naturally curly; thick, coarse, HUGE w/wiry silvers appearing More damaged than it is. Most hairdressers were petrified .& did a lame foil job they felt was better than nothing, I had to pay for it & leave w/red roots!!! You can’t have that. If it happens even once cut your losses. The trick is to bleach roots only (new growth) every other trip, solid base in between. This requires a Type A hairdresser who Takes their time. Eventually learn to do the base yourself. Save hundreds! If you find one good Blonde specialist, keep them. They’re rare! I’ll swear on a good stylist when it come to creating blondes, every time.
121 2 . Reply
Rifat Hossain . 2019-10-12
Thanks 😊
121 2 . Reply
dzlove . 2019-10-11
The best video I have seen on this topic. Thank you so much.
121 2 . Reply
Jane Diep . 2019-10-10
I like your lashes...looks very natural. What are you wearing?
121 2 . Reply
_.shantii._ ** . 2019-10-10
You dead don’t have to bleach your hair all u gotta do is if your hair is really dark get a blonde dye and boom u got lighter hair
121 2 . Reply
Loretta De Los Rios . 2019-09-28
How can you put dark ash blonde on grey hair? 💁🙏🙌
121 2 . Reply
Anna Dorren Jackson . 2019-09-21
My hair is level3 i want to go on level10 so i have to bleach it 2 time and dye it blonde?
121 2 . Reply
Dear Diary . 2019-09-20
How to achieve cool tone hair
121 2 . Reply
Jon Minka . 2019-09-20
Does it benefit your soul to sell out? No.
121 2 . Reply
Katie Trigg . 2019-09-19
I like your manicure too! I've had a few manicures but I always end up wanting them off because I feel like their bothering me!but I love how they look ☹️
121 2 . Reply
Katie Trigg . 2019-09-19
*Hello! The way your roots are that shade and you can see it's grown out a bit. This +Obviously happens naturally,but I always try to explain to the stylists that "grown out look" but can't explain well(what should I ask for?) *Also PLEASE TELL ME WHERE YOU BOUGHT THAT shirt at! Also my (undertone)..it's a blah shade of red/orange undertones!
121 2 . Reply
Sofia Olave . 2019-09-16
but i’m like a 5 and with one time of bleach i get to 1 in like 30 minutes
121 2 . Reply
Michelle Peterson . 2019-09-15
Thanks!!!!. Very informative.
121 2 . Reply
scruz chic . 2019-09-10
Great video!🙋
121 2 . Reply
Meghan Ramos . 2019-09-10
2:52 ... this “super gorgeous ashy color” is the natural hair color I’ve been trying to get rid of my entire life. 😑😑😂😂
121 2 . Reply
no name . 2019-09-09
my hair is a very brassy blonde , can i just dye it at home with a regular ash blonde dye ? or dose it have to be a toner?
121 2 . Reply