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Switch Access lets anyone with limited dexterity control their phone or computer. If you're building a mobile site, it's important to understand how switch device users will access your content.

Switch Access for Android: https://goo.gl/C8JBvK
Switch Control for iOS: https://goo.gl/wMzEbk
Christopher Hills on YouTube: https://goo.gl/HC1LtG

Watch all A11ycasts episodes: https://goo.gl/06qEUW
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    Popular Comments:

Lisie Lillianfeld . 2019-11-06
Thanks for the tip about trying switch access using the volume keys. No special hardware needed!
121 2 . Reply
Nathan Guo . 2019-04-12
nice tuts! where can i get those cool stickers?
121 2 . Reply
Tandra Ericson . 2018-05-10
Wondering if you have ways to interact with a Chromebook through switch access - looking for someone to be able to type in Google Docs using a head switch on a Chromebook (what other students are using at school). Thanks
121 2 . Reply
Username . 2017-12-25
Hello, Rob. Please cover the topic of cross-browser <button>'s styling. Display: inline doesn't work for <button>, and -webkit-appearance: none doesn't fix it. Demo https://jsfiddle.net/bebg00ux/
It looks like I should make custom button instead of a native one for now if I wanna get it inline, what seems really weird for me.
121 2 . Reply
Fransisco Wijaya . 2017-12-21
Rob, I can't wait for Polymer 3!
121 2 . Reply
Rob Dodson . 2017-12-21
I should have mentioned that the Blue2 actually let's you switch modes, so it's kind of like there's more than 2 switches.
121 2 . Reply
Christian Bayerlein . 2017-12-20
Wouldn't it be super useful to combine the switch device capability with speech recognition, i. e. a virtual, software based switch device that runs in the background and reacts on the keywords "next", "previous" and "select"?
121 2 . Reply