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Thanks for watching my Skyrim City Overhaul trailer for Whiterun!

Please check out my Forum announcement page on the Nexus:


Holds is a complete city overhaul mod I'm working on and have announced on the Skyrim Nexus Forums. Please do let me know what you think as this is still in early development. If you like what you see, then feel free to follow the link to the announcement page where I have screenshots with different cities I'm working on.

Please keep in mind that this is early in development, there are still some edges that need to be sharpened, but please do share your opinion, even if it is criticism, as it will help me improve! and please help me spread the word. So far its only been me working on this and I would very much like to get the word around and hopefully get some more experienced mod makers to lend me a hand.

Enjoy :)


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    Popular Comments:

Sowpmactavish . 2019-05-04
It's still tiny as fuck
121 2 . Reply
Mormacar . 2017-07-21
Great mod
121 2 . Reply
SpiderMatty . 2017-02-11
Meh. I like alot of the other ones but this one is just eh, it doesn't really add anything thats significant. Whiterun should have a complete rework tbh. The cloud district should be bigger than just dragonsreach. Maybe some noble houses (nazeem not living in the plains district). And moving Jorvasker and the skyforge up there too. The Market district should be blooming with many shops (more than 1 of each especially more than one tavern) The plains district should be a slum where all commoners live, some beggars but less than the amount at the market district. Most people have a house there spend their time at the taverns. Graymane and Battleborn manors should be the 2 biggest buildings (besides dragonsreach) in the cloud district, and it should be more than just a family feud that gets brought up every now and then. There should be active brawls about the stormcloaks or empire. Atleast thats how I think whiterun should be.
121 2 . Reply
Julie M. . 2016-11-02
Hey, will this be available for SKyrim Special Edition soon? Do you need a female voice over for NPCs? I'd love to help if I can !
121 2 . Reply
Arnaud JEAN . 2016-04-30
This mod is compatible of JK whiterun mod ?
121 2 . Reply
Vadim Popov . 2015-09-25
I love you
121 2 . Reply
Vadim Popov . 2015-09-25
I like this nice mod
121 2 . Reply
Galandil Holds . 2015-08-17
Hope you like it! :)
121 2 . Reply