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My Windows 7 wouldn't load so after searching the internet I came across Easy Recovery Essentials by SystemDiscs. I figured I would give it a try and show what happened... it worked

Easy Recovery Essentials: http://www.systemdiscs.com/

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DieselBoss, Inc . 2020-02-19
Messed around, messed around, messed around - 3 days I tried to fix a bad BCD or MBR (whatever it was that broke and caused this Win 7 pc not to boot any more.) I used Ease US to clone the conventional drive to a new SSD, but the SSD would not boot and all other repair tools including the Windows 7 repair did not fix it. I finally bit the bullet in desperation and paid 20 bucks for NeoSmart Easy Recovery. I burned the iso to a USB stick using their USB tool and booted to that. Then did the "automated recovery" and it fixed the boot issue in about 2 minutes time. I cannot speak to how it works on other Windows OS but it sure worked on Win 7. Now going to upgrade it to Win 10 without loss of programs and data that I thought was going to happen.
121 2 . Reply
Nebzzzy . 2019-03-31
Bootmgr missing I need help
121 2 . Reply
Michael Baker . 2019-02-11
useless piece of crap totally! was stuck in please wait screen on repair mode for over an hour before I smashed the cd with a hammer and kiss my $$ goodby. Hard to think in this day and age a company would be so blantent with false claims SHAME
121 2 . Reply
Epic_Gaming_YT . 2018-11-13
I dont understand... how do we start and download this in the broken pc when we cant start our pc? Do I save the Easy RE Essentials in the usb with iso file and then let it run on ? Any help would be appreciated
121 2 . Reply
Erick Rodríguez Castañeda . 2017-10-04
121 2 . Reply
020Dutchy . 2017-08-27
Have a boot problem on my W8.1 PC, downloaded the file, burnt it to a CD and booted the PC from the CD, so far so good. Now... How do I get to that 'repair screen' which should open up after I boot the PC, as that never showed for me...
121 2 . Reply
patto2k . 2017-06-03
I wonder if this is a fake account..
121 2 . Reply
Robert Holloway . 2017-04-08
My automatic recovery stated the boot partition not found and recommended testdisk to solve or restore the partition for boot manager but the download for that app could not be made with the browser because a connection apparently could not be established as I had it manually selectable in settings before the crash is my guess despite the Easy Recovery app does appear to do all this.
121 2 . Reply
Apoqlite . 2016-12-28
will it work with a usb
121 2 . Reply
vladi zar . 2016-11-04
why the fuck it boots always to grub something like that? what is this shit?
121 2 . Reply
MrSGL21 . 2016-07-06
Just fixed a clients system with it. worked like a charm. could not repair the system with windows 7 repair disks but this worked.
121 2 . Reply
halodoomplayer . 2016-06-28
It works! System rebooted with files intact. Scary but actually easy process to restore Win 7. Thank you NeoSmart.
121 2 . Reply
Art Eadie . 2015-12-03
I ordered it and the damn thing came in Chinese...... I don't read Chinese.
121 2 . Reply
Duncan Waddell . 2015-11-26
Just paid A$56 for this software to render my computer useless. Two days now trying to get my system back without success.
121 2 . Reply
xia hui . 2015-11-08
very nice..videos
121 2 . Reply
Jan Tuit . 2015-10-26
Useless piece of software, it cant repair uefi id does nothing more than other software like windows or Macrium reflect last one did repair it for free.

For those who did work fine for you.
121 2 . Reply
topresch . 2015-09-12
While the video doesn't really show any useful info, the program does work for backup after crash etc. I got the Win 8.1 error 0xc000021a and struggled for a pretty long time. Then, I purchased and downloaded the program, but couldn't get it to work (i.e. boot up), and started believing the angry comments here. Had I thrown away $20, almost two good beers in the pubs here in Norway? Well, the issue was rather that Secure boot mode was enabled and Legacy boot disabled. After switching those parameters, it booted up and enabled backup of files to external HDD. Still haven't started the autorepair feature, but I'm sure it will work in the end. No matter, have the backups now. Angry people are just inept.
121 2 . Reply
Phil King . 2015-08-18
What utter shite! There is next to no help available and everything I selected from the menu came up with an error. Command line? Don't even go there - constantly got "command not found" from just about everything they suggest online. Pointless!!!
121 2 . Reply
Jean-Pierre White . 2015-08-09
This works really well!!

I had a really badly messed up system. Grub Loader was corrupt and beyond help.

Easy RE had me up and running in a few minutes. I lost Ubuntu but retained all my data and Windoze 10  installation.

The Pro version is free for Windoze 10 users right now :-)
121 2 . Reply
Erick Rivas . 2015-07-30
This software may work for some but it killed my computer and ruined the boot up and now my pc is not working, use at your own risk.
121 2 . Reply
Jill Pearson . 2015-06-08
doesnt work i put in the media and it says no operating system found
121 2 . Reply
Dave Ross . 2015-03-28
still a scam. $20 paid then nothing downloads. even  with your fire wall off. total scam. avoid
121 2 . Reply
Kodiak and Grizzly Bears . 2014-12-09
Waste of time and money. This software does not even load whilst Windows is being booted up.
121 2 . Reply
ArmstrongBerry . 2014-12-08
works brilliantly, I have added it to my arsenal off tools, especially the UEFI repair option and tools, Ignore the comments below, they probably thought it would fix a corrupted HDD, remember it only fixes software, hardware faults are an entirely different problem, that cant be fixed with a cd.
121 2 . Reply
selkcomp . 2014-07-03
The music is sad just like their service. Was working on a client PC(accounting dept) which cuts check for 150 people. Purchased on June 25th, sent troubleshooting email on June 25 but got no response until June 29th(on a sunday) I left my phone number in the email. No resolution. Due to their tardiness I was forced to reinstall windows 7. In the meanwhile the client lost it accounting database. Bad service, bad software.. Don't buy it.
121 2 . Reply
Vilius Mazėtis . 2014-06-27
so sad video
121 2 . Reply
David Wilkinson . 2014-06-27
I had similar thoughts on this product for Vista 64-bit version and sent an email asking for their guaranteed refund.  However, after sleeping on it I then took a bit more time the following morning and followed their instructions to the letter. 

It worked really well and within a few minutes I had full functionality back on my machine and all my installed software still works.

I now have my life back!
121 2 . Reply
Ramesh Kumar . 2014-01-23
I strictly advise to don't buy this product. Whatever they mentioned in their website are false info. I purchased this tool and they sent me link to download software. That software was not successful to boot my PC. Then i sent a email and they replied me with different options. Nothing was working. Since they advertised as GUARANTEED, i asked about refund. That's it after that no reply at all. 

They are big cheaters.. Don't get cheated. 
121 2 . Reply
Adam Henricksen . 2013-10-12
these guys are a scam. they screw up your windows boot with their EasyBCD software, then charge you 20 bucks to fix it. SCAMMERS
121 2 . Reply
Mike R . 2013-06-01
I cant even analyze sectors or cylinder information. Mounting is impossible. Hard drive is correctly attached. I've come to the conclusion that its a hard drive issue.
121 2 . Reply
Mike R . 2013-06-01
shwew, i downloaded this for vista here uloz.to/xjNNuaA/easyre-for-windows-vista-iso free. It didnt work, good thing i didnt pay for it. Shwew. Its a linux distro packed with all these open source utils. Thats all.
121 2 . Reply
YogiTheBearMan . 2013-05-13
How long did it take after you clicked automated repair? Mine is just saying "please wait" for about 10 minutes now. I also can't access the hard drive when I try to browse/backup files, it returns an error when I click on the hard drive.
121 2 . Reply
Christopher Saitta . 2012-12-07
Very easy break down on what to do I am definitely sending this out to all my computer illiterate friends. Music has a fun oceans 11 feel.
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