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As promised, a video summing up how I make my own toner and how I tone brassy hair! All products used, listed down below! xo

Aussie Miraculously Smooth Conditioner
Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream - Purple Haze


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    Popular Comments:

Do your own research . 2019-12-22
R u Tana
121 2 . Reply
Intan sui . 2019-11-08
I would love to try just a bit scare if my hair turn to purple :(
121 2 . Reply
Rae . 2019-09-09
Would this work on your own hair? Does it wash out?
121 2 . Reply
Nicole Davis . 2019-06-28
Where did you get extensions
121 2 . Reply
Lamia Smati . 2019-04-14
coloring extensions won't give same results as coloring your hair. Extensions are dead hair
121 2 . Reply
Brittany Alexander . 2019-04-12
In the video your finished hair looks kind of "pink".....is there any way to avoid this result? Anyone feel free to answer please.
121 2 . Reply
Megan Brown . 2019-03-09
I'm so excited to try this. My hair is a butter color smh purple shampoo did nothing. I've watched so many videos and this is so simple. Thank you for sharing!!!
121 2 . Reply
kaylen kuenn . 2019-03-03
FOH \m/
121 2 . Reply
Leona Jones . 2019-01-04
Anyone here 2019
121 2 . Reply
Rosalee Siigler . 2018-11-10
How to get oranges tones out of blonde hair
121 2 . Reply
Psalm40 . 2018-08-15
With natural strawberry blonde hair and white streaks do you know how to use this product to color hair without the typical platinum blue and purple hue, I want to bring out the subtle pinkish reds in the hair. I thought about using the white with a bit of the plum colors.
121 2 . Reply
Heather Thompson . 2018-06-13
That shits pink
121 2 . Reply
Miranda Haney . 2018-05-24
At first glance I thought this was tana
121 2 . Reply
Red Oceania . 2018-05-21
Love the Full of Hell beanie!
121 2 . Reply
stfu patricia . 2018-05-18
can i use purple shampoo instead of purple dye
121 2 . Reply
Angel heaven . 2018-05-15
so you can just use conditioner and purple hair dye, really it wont go purple?
121 2 . Reply
Rita Deterding . 2018-04-15
In my town in Hattingen ( Germany and Ruhrgebiet ) I have seen a pretty woman; her curly hair - in NATURAL COLOUR - is between ' kupfer + gold. ' WONDERFUL AND MAGIC ! πŸ‘
121 2 . Reply
Rita Deterding . 2018-04-15
Yes, many women are beautiful with " cool " = silver - or platinblond hair. BUT: There are also many women, who are more lovely with warm blond ( without orange, of course )
121 2 . Reply
Neelia Janiskennedy . 2018-04-08
This is so cool
I love manic panic
121 2 . Reply
DelRae Lucretia . 2018-03-24
Best ever! Thanks for the tip!
121 2 . Reply
N o w l o a d i n g . . . . 2018-03-16
121 2 . Reply
Samantha Fudens . 2018-03-16
Nice video :)
Please check out my video on Redken PH Bonder for platinum hair if you want
121 2 . Reply
annette wilshusen . 2018-03-13
Can you tone synthetic hair extensions?
121 2 . Reply
brokellekittyvulturi . 2018-02-04
Can i tone my yellow hair like the extensions?
121 2 . Reply
Bardha Abaz . 2018-01-20
I do this diy toner for 2 years now, I learnd this at the hair salon from my teacher, she told me about this, and yes I love this toner
121 2 . Reply
Jazmine Turner . 2018-01-18
Thanku hunny :) this was great help :) xx
121 2 . Reply
Karissa Cloonan . 2018-01-13
Anyone here in 2018???
121 2 . Reply
Krystal Favourite . 2017-12-30
Thank you! This is the simplest and most straight to the point video I've seen yet THABK YOU SO MUCH.
121 2 . Reply
hazzem jarrar . 2017-12-25
This worked perfectly on my hair so I just came back to say thank you πŸ–€
121 2 . Reply
LionHeart . 2017-11-30
Why doesn't my country sell Manic Panic when you desperately need it 😩
121 2 . Reply
Xiara Cordero . 2017-11-30
Omg thanks for this! I was so confused because I dyed part of my hair Lavender but after a few washes it turned to be grey (the original color I wanted) so I'm planning to do this and you confirmed that it works! Thanks lots!!!!!!❀❀❀❀
121 2 . Reply
esme56100 . 2017-11-30
Man I want to dye my hair silver with hints of lilac so I’m wondering how many time should I bleach my hair to achieve it. My friend bleached her hair 3 times to get silver hair. I’m wondering would I be able to only bleach it once and tone it or bleach it twice to get a blond and then tone it ??? I have dark hair
121 2 . Reply
Jessica Haro . 2017-11-14
Despejaste mis dudas! 🀯Me encanto! Gracias! 🀩
121 2 . Reply
Aldrin Bernante Vlogs . 2017-09-11
It made my Hair a lil pinky
121 2 . Reply
Kellie Chasity . 2017-08-21
Thank you for sharing ! πŸ–€πŸ–€
121 2 . Reply
Ashley Misenar . 2017-07-12

I've tried everything in the book even this video don't do it go get the toner and the shampoo and conditioner in the above URL you will not be disappointed I've been blonde for years and nothing has helped this Blonde Brilliance WORKS!!! I am trying to help get this out there after years of disappointment and struggling I've found it and it works amazing!!!!
121 2 . Reply
Mercedes French . 2017-07-12
This works for vagan dyes also right? i mean i use arctic fox hair dye and you dont need to mix it with developer or anything in order to get the color in hair. if i mix the purple with conditioner and leave it on how am i so sure it wont leave my hair purple? because i did the same method as here to do the actual dying of my hair
121 2 . Reply
Emily Bolson . 2017-06-04
would this work on my natural hair as well?
121 2 . Reply
Jazz Middleton . 2017-05-22
as if your wearing a full of hell hat aha sick
121 2 . Reply
O L I V I A P O L A S I K . 2017-04-25
whys it pink tho?
121 2 . Reply
jeo . 2017-04-21
Thats a sick fucking beanie
121 2 . Reply
peachybrook . 2017-04-13
you should do asmr.
121 2 . Reply
Tsuki Dragon . 2017-04-10
how long does this actually last tho?
121 2 . Reply
alaya . 2017-03-27
Why does she look like Tana Mongeau?! And her name is TashaπŸ˜‚
121 2 . Reply
Ashley Nadine . 2017-03-03
If it doesn't work the first time can I just let it dry and do it again the next day? Cause it doesn't seem to be working for me and I left it in for nearly two minutes I wanted it to go almost grey like my hair is right now.
121 2 . Reply
debi nielsen . 2017-02-24
good job!
121 2 . Reply
garima bisen . 2017-02-17
will manic panic midnight blue work? anyone please?
121 2 . Reply
Miranda xoxo . 2017-02-10
Just a warning: Be super careful using Manic Panic, I have had several clients that nothing, not even bleach will remove it out of your hair. Great idea for those though!
121 2 . Reply
Rachel Maria . 2017-01-20
thank you!!! my hair is an ugly yellow and I really wanted a silvery purple color and the toner shampoo I bought doesn't work well. I'll be doing this today I'm excited to see what happens
121 2 . Reply
Ozark Chinquapin . 2017-01-19
I get asmr from your voice
121 2 . Reply