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In this video I show off the Hylotl Tier 8 Racial Armor. I talk about the stats , I show it off and I show you guys how to actually craft the set and where to craft it , that would be the Robotic Crafting Table after reaching the appropiate tier. The Euphotic set is a very bright and colourful one. And as far as aesthetics go it's more Aquatic than anything. It's pretty much just a beefed up diving set. And the reason for that is because Euphos who are the guards who actually wear this armor guard the Hylotl spawn and guide them once they hatch. I assume the colours are so bright because it's a clear sight. Happy Starbound!

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Maelstrom 85 . 2013-12-17
the helmet says hyltol :D
121 2 . Reply
fusioner100 . 2013-12-17
Good Video again! I am waiting for the next Stream :P (P.S. I am Jackvanrise ^^)
121 2 . Reply
Edward Kidul . 2013-12-17
Could you, please, tell what costume you are usually wearing? Red one.
121 2 . Reply
Ruki . 2013-12-17
In the title, it says Tier 8, but in the description it says tier 9.
121 2 . Reply
Pythe . 2013-12-17
The energy on the helmet actually increases your energy pool while the energy on pants increase energy regeneration
121 2 . Reply
GrayAu . 2013-12-16
human armor is so ugly...
floran is boss as fuck
apex is boss as fuck
hylotl is also boss as fuck, fucking BIG DADDIES MAN!
121 2 . Reply
Wesley . 2013-12-16
its called adventruer set on the human race ;D
121 2 . Reply