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I made this video because when I use my cane in public, PEOPLE STARE and I can still see you when you look at me even though I appear to not see. Also a rundown of other visual aid devices I use that can attract attention. This is what they are, what they are used for, and why we have them.
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Albino from Utah . 2019-03-01
What's up my fellow albino.
121 2 . Reply
purespirit9 . 2018-08-20
Great information but with me being a germophobe (jk) I was like please don't touch the end of the cane.😃😄😅🙃
121 2 . Reply
bluetech7753 . 2018-04-05
Hey there I'm Sam great video you use practically all of the same visual aids that I use I am also visually impaired completely blind in my right eye low vision and no peripheral vision in my left eye I am also in the early stages of cataract development I don't have retinitis Pigmentosa albinism or any other conditions like that but I do have glaucoma and I've had it since I was very young up until now it has practically taken mostly all of my peripheral vision in my better eye I also have nystagmus which does affect my visual Clarity quite a bit and my depth perception I've been using all different types of magnifiers all through school up until when I got the high school was when I was introduced to electronic magnification also known as cctvs these were big huge desktop computer like devices. I have recently started using a white cane for some light mobility and mostly identification due to my narrow visual field I don't see things off to the side so I bump into people quite often and objects uneven walls when turning corners the identification part is just to let people know that I don't see very well and when Crossing intersections because I cannot see the traffic all the way around me when I'm crossing I have had close calls and almost gotten hit because I didn't notice vehicles that were about to make a turn. There are several portable magnifiers out there there's the pebble as you mentioned optelec and there is the Ruby XL HD what I use for portable electronic magnification is an app on my phone known as visor I also use knfb reader for character recognition this will read aloud text from books newspapers and other printed materials. That app cost a hundred bucks from the nfb however you can catch it when it's on sale they usually put it on sale for around $19. One other visual aid device that I am very interested in and I'm going to look into getting an in-home demonstration is the orcam optical reader this is a device that Clips onto a pair of glasses and will also read printed material newspapers labels on cans and all you have to do is just point and it reads I also use a monocular for street signs and restaurant menus like you mentioned how was introduced to the monocular way back in 4th grade during my Mobility training sessions however it's kind of funny because my Mobility training sessions were not focused around the white cane just on getting around safely and using these different devices out in the environment.
121 2 . Reply
Ben W . 2017-07-22
A vision aid that helps if you're legally blind: On Amazon, look for a 10x magnifier. I found this small, palm-sized lighted magnifier and carry one with me and keep one at my desk. They're cheap. IIRC, the maker is Whitman. Well worth it.
121 2 . Reply
Ben W . 2017-07-22
Awesome video. I grew up using a monocular similar to that one. In high school and college, I was prescribed with "telescopic glasses," which had a small telescope (like a monocular) or like what jewelers or surgeons use, for my better eye. This has its good and bad points. Mainly, the glass around the scope is a weak point and can crack; 2nd, you carry it around in a bulky padded box which you'd then put in a small to mid-sized camera bag. In school and college, some people read that as a "purse," which really irritated me. In some ways, I think I like a monocular better. I'd recommend a lanyard or other cord around. your monocular, so you can put it around your neck, and then in a pocket or a small bag to protect the lenses. :) Your eye doctor or a local Lighthouse should be able to help about the telescopic glasses. I'm going to look on Amazon about a new monocular.
121 2 . Reply
Remington Howell . 2016-08-03
I love my smart cue portable curve and zoom text
121 2 . Reply
Ger Lee . 2014-06-02
I want to know 2th stick to used it side to side will broke or not
121 2 . Reply
JD Aragón . 2013-09-09
I have only seen several people use cane holsters. I guess it really is just more of a preference. A lot of the people in my area now are starting to use the NFB straight canes. Since I have my glasses now I don't really take my folding cane out any more. I still keep my telescoping cane in my parcel though.
121 2 . Reply
JDogNAsian . 2013-09-09
A cane holster will help you when you want to put your cane away, but have it with you. Ambutech has a black leather holster that is inconspicuous. I really like my holster because when I need to temporarily fold my cane up, I can do so without having to find a place to put it since I have the holster clipped to my pocket. I'm sure there are other solutions out there. I've seen people use carabiners to clip their cane to their belt or backpack, etc.
121 2 . Reply
Ariana Parker . 2013-07-19
I might get a cane for night use I might use i during the day when I going torws the sun cause I can not fins sun gllases tht are dark anof for me
121 2 . Reply