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Special discount Hazli Folding Gymnastics Balance Beam for Home Practice - Kids 8FT Balance Beams for Gymnastic CLICK HERE https://amzn.to/2QvIHH5
 My daughters love the portability of this beam and I love how easy it is to store it in between uses. It works well outside, inside, even on the trampoline. My daughters are level 8s and use it to work on skills when at home. It is sturdy and is great for working skills at home.

SECURE AT HOME GYMNASTICS PRACTICE - Gymnastic home practice doesn't have to be a scary experience for any parent. You will actually enjoy seeing you little gymnast practicing on your rock-solid floors with our folding balance beam for gymnastics at home. This gymnastics equipment for home is a real confidence booster for any child. Practicing on the Hazli gymnastic beam for kids your child will become more focused, gain better balance and confidence
FUN AND HEALTHY INDOOR GAMES - During winter time, rainy days or after school is hard to find indoor activities that pick you child interest. It's frustrating both for you and your child. Our balance beam for girls is perfect for home practice, imaginative play and gather rounds with their friends. Filled with a soft and supportive EVA foam and covered with abrasion resistant artificial leather, the Hazli folding balance beam will allow your child to practice his entire gymnastic routine
GET YOUR CHILD BALANCE ON - Having folding balance beam for kids takes a huge chunk of fear out of the equation. Even experience children can experience fear if the child balance beam is set to high up. By using this folding balance beam on the floor your child own ability to be independent and self-motivated to practice will grow every day. Our gymnastic beams for kids are specially designed as the main piece of a gym equipment. Use the Hook and Loop system to enlarge the balance beam as needed
EASY TO USE, FOLDABLE & EASY TO CARRY GYMNASTIC BEAM - If you have limited space at home, don't worry about storing your new foldable balance beam for gymnastics. Our Hazli folding balance beam for kids weighs only 5.7 lbs. and can be easily carried and stored away under a bead, in a closet or in any corner of your house. Unfolded, the BALANCE BEAM is 8 feet long, 4 inch in height, with a 4 inch wide top (just like competition beams) that tapers down to a 8 inch wide base for extra stability
GET YOUR AFFORDABLE FOLDABLE GYMNASTICS BEAM - Our exercise equipment for kids meets all CPSIA (Consumer Product Secure Improvement Act) requirements. All Hazli products are tested and Compliant with CPSC federal children's product requirements. Invest in a secure kids exercise equipment. To make sure that it's the best purchase decision, we offer 6 Months No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee
Unbox and reviews Hazli Folding Gymnastics Balance Beam for Home Practice - Kids 8FT Balance Beams for Gymnastic
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Reviews Hazli Folding Gymnastics Balance Beam for Home Practice - Kids 8FT Balance Beams for Gymnastic

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Hazli Folding Gymnastics Balance Beam for Home Practice - Kids 8FT Balance Beams for Gymnastic Sports & Outdoors

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