Terraria World Cleanse Challenge | No Clentaminator No Powder

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This was a challenge-accepted post by the Terraria steam forums.

The rules for this run is simple:
• Clear your world of corruption/crimson/hallow without help from purification powder or the clentaminator.

Big thanks to Boltster1 for the help! Hope you enjoy!

Boltster1 (Helped WIth Project): https://steamcommunity.com/id/Boltster1
Music Sourse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvKy2vm63uI

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    Popular Comments:

Gaming With Emerald . 2020-01-20
now THATS ALOT OF DAMAGE, WOOHOO that was alot of FUN
121 2 . Reply
Injimmy22 . 2020-01-04
there is no corruption if there is no world
121 2 . Reply
Mikkel Lind . 2019-12-27
John: I have cleansed the hole world!

NPCs: But at what cost.
121 2 . Reply
Neil Dickman . 2019-11-24
now thats a lot of damage
121 2 . Reply
JoeyVTM_YT . 2019-11-12
well then, thats a pretty low status, compared to mine (last i checked 48% crimson) and not single cleansed world, also props to your friend there for actually helping this long challenge :P
121 2 . Reply