9 KNITTING TIPS You Need To Know

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In this video I'll share my favourite knitting tips that I use and love! Some of these knitting tips may be familiar to you. Others may be a bit unconventional. Either way, I hope you enjoy!

If you have knitting tips that I didn't cover, please share them in the comments. Let's make the comments section a fun place for learning. Remember: sharing is caring!

TIP 1- A portable home for you knitting: 00:14
TIP 2 - Keep yourself organised: 00:57
TIP 3 - Straighten out those curls: 1:32
TIP 4 - A stealth weave: 2:12
TIP 5 - A ruler at your fingertips: 3:37
TIP 6 - Technology FTW: 4:01
TIP 7 - A stress-free long tail cast on: 4:14
TIP 8 - Stitch markers everywhere! 8:00
TIP 9 - Borrow from Baby: 8:43

➜ Long tail Cast On (traditional): https://youtu.be/SXA3gBNiSiM
➜ Long tail Cast On (thumb): https://youtu.be/1vm6oaYzHyA
➜ How to Make a Perfect Pom Pom: https://youtu.be/zok9hqyhTQ4

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    Popular Comments:

Kathryn Marshall . 2020-02-15
I love kniting and those are great kniting hacks
121 2 . Reply
Sheree Morgan . 2020-02-14
Loved the video, and thanks!
121 2 . Reply
redredwine1277 . 2020-02-13
Thanks, awesome info. 🌼🌺🌸
121 2 . Reply
sue brenman . 2020-02-11
Loved your hacks. Maybe you all know this one, but here goes. If you come across a stitch that is sitting back to front on your needle (instead of front to back), just knit (or purl) through the back look and it will be corrected.
121 2 . Reply
Tami Palin . 2020-02-11
The idea of weaving in the tail from the cast-on part is genius!!
121 2 . Reply
skittlepumpkin . 2020-02-08
I literally never do the long-tail cast on because I hate it...this is a freaking game changer 🤣
121 2 . Reply
Melanie Hotstink . 2020-02-07
I am definitely going to try several of these hacks. On your two strand cast-on, you realise you had 11 stitches at the end, right? I think you accidentally knit half the slip knot. I am excited to try it though. You're amazing as usual.
121 2 . Reply
M Rhodes . 2020-01-31
Wish I had seen your tip on long tail cast on before casting a project on the needles and having to start over again due to running out of yarn.
121 2 . Reply
Cathryn Bond Doyle . 2020-01-30
Hi😊Love Love Love the long tail cast on hack! Wonderful creative and clever alternative! I’m a new knitter so it’s fun to know your tips! Thanks again🙏🏻
121 2 . Reply
Katie Marsh . 2020-01-26
If I tweek a chart pattern I found online, I usually screen shot it, save it in paint, then write whatever notes I need using the paint editor.
121 2 . Reply
Lian Cooper . 2020-01-25
these are actually great hacks especially the long tail cast on i do struggle with that thanks!
121 2 . Reply
Rody Timoce . 2020-01-22
121 2 . Reply
Audra Blue . 2020-01-20
Her: stitch markers are hiding all around your home
Me: so they ARE following me. I knew it!
121 2 . Reply
Jennifer Domingo . 2020-01-20
I’m new to knitting so this has helped me a lot thank you
121 2 . Reply
Rana Kareem . 2020-01-18
Especially n.3
121 2 . Reply
willowraine725 . 2020-01-17
I love your cable cord hack. I hate the ever-present coil when I knit with my circular needles. I never thought of using boiling water to solve this dilemma.
If I’m knitting in the car while my husband or a friend is driving, I have my skein or yarn cake in a recycled shopping bag on the floorboards of the car.
Another handy container to put the yarn cake your using in is a large square cashew jar. Drill a half-inch hole in the lid and cut a line from the hole to the edge of the lid, that way you can change your yarn if you need to. The large square, plastic jar fits yarn cakes perfectly.
121 2 . Reply
Barbara Vogt . 2020-01-17
kudos to the cast on with 2 ends!! gotta try that for sure :) btw.. your awsome lol
121 2 . Reply
biczyki . 2020-01-17
Hi I'm knitting my first scarf at the minute. I Love the food bag hack to travel and knit xD
121 2 . Reply
Kayleigh Montanye . 2020-01-16
I'm so confused by hack #4 I was so excited to try it but I can't figure out how the extra yarn is on the same side as the working yarn 😭😭😭
121 2 . Reply
Asela Oliveras . 2020-01-15
Bada bim bara bum? or how you said? ^_^
121 2 . Reply
Asela Oliveras . 2020-01-15
you are so funny! and I love the way you tell us how to do it! so easy to do! Thank you! Happy New Year!
121 2 . Reply
D Ehrler . 2020-01-15
Great tips! Thanks! I love your videos! So easy to understand.
121 2 . Reply
o0oTyPo0o . 2020-01-12
post it has tape as well! I use it a lot for rows!
121 2 . Reply
Dee Mack . 2020-01-12
And then you have a section of knitting that is doubly thick. . So no
121 2 . Reply
Kat B . 2020-01-12
I love the stealth weave in hack! I hate weaving in ends. My hack is to put my pattern in a sheet protector and a dry erase pen in my bag. I prefer written instructions over charts but it works for both. When I finish a row I mark it with the dry erase marker. If my pattern calls for repeating a set of instructions multiple times, I wipe off the marks when I get to the end and begin again.
121 2 . Reply
Karen Appleby . 2020-01-11
When I knit socks two at a time I put the ball of yarn inside the sock so it doesn’t tangle.
121 2 . Reply
Nancy Williams . 2020-01-10
Love the long tail cast on!!!
121 2 . Reply
Hannah Rose . 2020-01-09
Don't just throw your circulars in boiling water—if the needle is glued to the cord you might end up busting them. Just dip the plastic cord into the hot water without dipping the join.
121 2 . Reply
Holly Manning . 2020-01-08
That long tail cast on tip is going to save me so much yarn. Thank you!
121 2 . Reply
EDMOND CREW . 2020-01-07
I LOVE your channel. I’m teaching myself to knit and your channel has been immensely helpful! Keep up the good work!!!
121 2 . Reply
Catherine Theriault . 2020-01-06
The long cast on is something I would have never thought of !! thank you !!
121 2 . Reply
Lieve Guastavino . 2020-01-06
Long tail cast on: great! Thank you!
121 2 . Reply
Carol Chung . 2020-01-05
Good to know ,thanks for sharing !
121 2 . Reply
Elizabeth . 2020-01-04
I buy sheets from amazon and the plastic cover is a perfect project bag. It even has a pocket in front for tools!
121 2 . Reply
Zo . 2020-01-04
I don't know if you covered this in another video, but my textile technology teacher taught us to wash wool by hand, but chuck it on a spin cycle in the washer - for safety sake, I lower the setting to 800 spins per minute and it never ruined my jumpers... And they dry twice as fast.
121 2 . Reply
TheKnottieHooker . 2020-01-04
I wish crochet burned more calories, I'd be one skinny hooker !!!!
121 2 . Reply
Tanya Sherriff . 2020-01-02
Love this I do some of these already
121 2 . Reply
Mel B . 2020-01-01
Using a crochet hook to pick up and re thread dropped stitches is the best tip anyone has ever given me, a true lifesaver
121 2 . Reply
Betty Smith . 2020-01-01
Great hacks. Thank you
121 2 . Reply
Crystal Strong . 2019-12-31
I really enjoy your videos. Find them very helpful. I have one problem tho that I can’t seem to find the answer to. When I make a swatch for my guage I have no problem getting the correct number of stitches across a row but my rows up never seem to workout. I’m usually short. What to do?
121 2 . Reply
Amanda Carpenter . 2019-12-31
replaced all the window screens around my house. the old ones were not that damaged. so, i use them to dry my work. wash item put over screen or on top air can flow from both side to dry it. when done slide screen under a bed or next to the washer.
121 2 . Reply
Caterina Donato . 2019-12-31
Does anyone have advice on how to remove the curly effect on a cardigan knitted with the stockinette stitch?
121 2 . Reply
liziking306 . 2019-12-29
I'm definitely going to cast on the two strands that you showed us. This is definitely a genius way of casting on. I love it. Thank you for this. :)
121 2 . Reply
marsha . 2019-12-29
I do love your hack for the long tail cast on. I will give it a try. I got so tired of the tars andnasty words when castingbon and ripping out those hundreds of stitches. I did come up with a bit of a jethod of my own that never failed me, YMMV.
I simply measured the length of the desired width of whatever it was I was casting on for, say an 18" hat, multiply by 3, 18 x 3 = 54
Then measure in 54 inches of my yarn, make a slipknot which will become my first stitch cast on, then proceed with however many stitches I need to cast on. I may have 6 to 8 inches of yarn left at the end, but that is a million times better than not having enough and having to rip out and start over, maybe multiple times.
I'm a new subscriber and look forward to new tips and hacks.
121 2 . Reply
Allison Holt . 2019-12-29
Not a “hack” but something I learned the hard way as a newbie knitter: make sure that your stitch markers are THINNER than the yarn you are knitting so that you don’t create gaps in your work! Using spare bits of yarn as markers saved me when I kept creating “ladders” by using these little rubbery ring markers that I had. It was something that makes sense, but I NEVER would’ve thought about on my own.
121 2 . Reply
rebecca knudsen . 2019-12-28
Swivel needles make the curl a non issue because your needle let's it twist out automatically. Hiya hiya sharps have the swivel! Yeah!
121 2 . Reply
Sandy Grogg . 2019-12-28
I LOVE the Long Tail Cast On tip. QUESTION... Why can’t you just count the slip knot as a stitch...as usual...? Am I missing something? Thanks.
121 2 . Reply
Darle Balfoort . 2019-12-25
I have scads of cosmetic bags from Dominique gwps. Perfect for socks and notions. One friend used to sit on tight circulars to warm them up.
121 2 . Reply
Joey Laitala . 2019-12-24
"we all know you can't just shove your knitting in your bag"😬💀
121 2 . Reply