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In this video I'll show you guys how to unlock Cerulium Weaponry , Armor and other tech to progress. To progress from here you'll need 40 Ferozium Bars which means you'll need 40 Aegisalt Bars and 40 Pieces of Coal Ore which you then turn into 40 Ferozium Bars. Craft the Tech Upgrade , use it and you're able to craft Cerulium stuff! Happy Starbound!

GullofDoom covers a wide variety of content over alot of formats. My channel is mostly know for providing bite-sized guides for both Starbound and Terraria and still is to this day! You'll also find videos that range from Walkthroughs/Let'splays/First Impressions/Early Thoughts and alot more videos on my channel!

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SillyShockman . 2013-12-14
Ive been on level 7 planet for like 2 hours and i was n level 10 for about an hour and i havent found any but i have it unlocked
121 2 . Reply
1121joshs . 2013-12-14
@TheGullofdoom I need some help Gull.  I crafted all techs from frozium and below and I have a ton of cerulium but I can not craft the tech.. why?
121 2 . Reply
jinhayu . 2013-12-13
can it be that rubium tech upgrade is bugged? Craft it but i cannot use it :/
121 2 . Reply
lolazox3 . 2013-12-12
where do you find cerulium
121 2 . Reply
alex perla . 2013-12-12
I can't craft in any mode the ferozium... What can I do?
121 2 . Reply
IHas NutellaRF . 2013-12-12
Hey Gull Remeber Semion2002 From Twitch Its Me
121 2 . Reply
IHas NutellaRF . 2013-12-12
121 2 . Reply