Starbound - Apex Armour Sets

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In this video Nut will take a look at the Apex armour from Iron up to Impervium and discuss his thoughts on them.

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    Popular Comments:

EPKGr1mReAp3r . 2014-02-05
Dude did you even read the aoe description??? They are meant tk be more mobile than the other races which is why the ninja lookong armor fits perfectly with them
121 2 . Reply
Day . 2014-01-04
Is there any way of getting Apex armour for other races without making a new character or friends giving them to me?
121 2 . Reply
Fera Nya . 2014-01-02
you need to understand the background that the developers made so you can understand the armour choice, 
the VEP (vestigi-evo process) is improved on by there leaders who decided to pick people from their society and test on them in ways you wouldn't expect,
this armour is to symbolize you as a rebel against them which is why your all covered, 
but i do agree that it does get repetitive
121 2 . Reply
Julien Pitre . 2014-01-02
How do we craft tier 4 armor? I tried at the metalwork station with durasteel bars and such but nothing appears? Do i need to kill the jelly boss?
121 2 . Reply
sixten gust . 2013-12-28
if they had like cybotg armor i would be an apex
121 2 . Reply
Audiophillie . 2013-12-25
I dunno man, I have to disagree. All of the armor sets fit into the Apex character's lore as a member of a secret rebellion. The hoods all conceal the identity of the Apex and it's cool to see the building ranks of espionage. Their armor was never meant to be flashy, it was meant to be disguising and stealthy.
121 2 . Reply
OliviaTheSatyr . 2013-12-22
I completely agree. In my opinion the human armor suits the Apex lore much much better. These are just hoodies with face masks. At least the last couple look alright, but still....Human teir 2...or maybe 3 armor is practically a space suit, and looks sturdy and modern. 
121 2 . Reply
Rafael Diaz . 2013-12-16
You don't have very good taste.
121 2 . Reply
Alex MK . 2013-12-15
Melt, How can you dislike the armour? The idea is they're apes but..

The Apex were close to human in appearance until breakthrough research into accelerated evolution led to the creation of the “Vestigi-Evo Process” (VEP). The VEP allowed the Apex to trade physical devolution for intellectual evolution.

They traded Physical looks for brains. they dont like the physical look of the monkey but they did for the gain.

Not suppose to be "just look like monkeys"  you're missing the point.

but i guess your entitled to your view.
121 2 . Reply
Lightningy . 2013-12-14
lovely vid bro. agree that armour doesnt fit the species or lore
121 2 . Reply